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Small Batch Bitters

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Drink your Medicine

Since 2009, ANC Alchemy has been creating herbal cocktails, tinctures, honeys and cocktail bitters. In 2012 production moved to Marfa, TX and this shift from the east to the wild west opened up a whole new arena of medicinal plants and botanical fauna. Since, we have consolidated our line to cocktail bitters and coffee bitters and have honed in on this art with passion and meditative patience.

Herbal Cocktails

ANC Alchemy creates bitters that play off of the tongue and the spirit. They are made in small batches and contain desert-foraged herbs, chihuahuan desert honey, and organic medicinals. The palette and variety of flavors considers the balance of bitter to sweet and contains magic that will allow you to combine unlike tastes in your cocktails, coffee drinks and culinary endeavors to create pleasing amalgams.


Coffee Bitters

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The right kind of complex

Limited Edition Glycerites

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East coaster ANC moves west to the desert and sinks further into alchemical spirits and cocktail play. Enjoy the fruits, roots and spices of her labor, drop-by-drop.